Arthur Lipner

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Arthur Lipner has emerged as one of the leading vibes and marimba voices in jazz today. His critically acclaimed recordings, concerts and clinics reveal a fresh energetic approach to contemporary mallets. Chuck Berg of JAZZTIMES called him "a virtuosic master of vibraphone, marimba, and steel drums..whether coaxing rich, rainforest sounds...or letting loose free-flowing arcs."

Lipner's first solo project, "IN ANY LANGUAGE," was released in '91 by Palo Alto Jazz. In '92, JVC Tokyo released this album in Japan as part of their "Music Of The Mother Earth" series. The '93 cd "ART OF THE DUO: Liquide Stones," on the German label ENJA-Tutu records, was recorded with guitarist Jack DeSalvo. Next came the '94 band project "THE MAGIC CONTINUES...", with Joel Rosenblatt, Bob Mintzer and others.

His latest solo project is "Portraits In World Jazz" released in Oct. '98. This mostly- acoustic album features Arthur on vibes and marimba joined by percussionist Glen Velez, bassist Harvie Swartz, guitarist Vic Juris, pianist Fred Hersch and others. A mix of Lipner originals along with Autumn Serenade (DeRose), Vincent (Don McLean) and Couple's Choice (Youssou 'N Dour), it is currently playing on over 200 radio stations in the USA. This remarkable recording combines jazz, percussion and improvisation in a rhythmic and compositional adventure of unparalleled magnitude.

Released in Nov. '98 was a sampler cd Arthur produced for his publishing company MalletWorks Music. This recording includes collaborations by percussionists Michael Burritt and Ney Rosauro, along with Arthur as a guest with university Jazz, Percussion and Drumline ensembles from around the USA.

Over fifty of Arthur's compositions have been released on recordings. His works have been used on radio, film and tv soundtracks in such places as Finland, Japan, Belgium The Netherlands, and England.

His work as a NYC session player has led to tracks for everything from Bluegrass to Christmas albums, the tv shows "Sesame Street," "Designing Women," Bill Cosby's "It's A Different World," Japanese tv, a French film score, and dozens of radio and tv commercials. Other album recordings to his credit include projects with bassist Brian Torff, guitarist Sal Salvador and vocalist Glen Medeiros.

Lipner's bookings have taken him to Japan, Mexico, Brazil, Costa Rica, Morocco, Malaysia, Europe and the Caribbean. He appeared at the VII International Percussion Festival in Opole, Poland (1994), and toured there for one week. The Arthur Lipner Group played The Blue Note (NYC) in 1994 and '95. He was on tour in Brazil during May '96 and in Mexico City in '97. 1999 tours will include Scotland/England and Australia.

On the education scene, Arthur has presented over 200 workshops throughout the world. He is sponsored in the USA by the Selmer/Ludwig Company and Mike Balter Mallets as an artist/clinician, and has performed at three PASIC conventions. For several years he was a Guest Faculty member of The Brabants Conservatory in Tilburg, Holland. In April '97 he was invited to present a workshop at the world-famous Juilliard School in NYC. He is currently on the faculty of SUNY Purchase.

Arthur is on the PAS Board of Directors and is a Contributing Editor for the magazine Percussive Notes. His text THE VIBES REAL BOOK is the most comprehensive guide to jazz vibraphone ever written. All compositions and arrangements are available through MalletWorks Music. These include works for solo vibes, vibes/marimba duo, Percussion Ensemble, Jazz Ensemble (arr. Mintzer)and Drumline Mallet Features.

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