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Here are some excerpts of CD's that we sell here at Malletworks. You can download each of these files in MP3 format. If you do not have an MP3 player, then you can select a player for your operating system from a variety of players by going to Also on this page, you can click on the title of each CD above the list of its excerpts to see it on our catalogue page with a full description and pricing information.

Arthur Lipner - from Modern Vibe

Track Listing
1. Love The One You’re With (Stephen Stills)
2. Street Vibe (Lipner)
3. Treasure Chest (Lipner)
4. Let’s Stay Together (Al Green)
5. Mood Vibe (Lipner)
6. Flor De Lis (Djavan)
7. Slo Burn 68 (Lipner)
9. Montanha Russa (Faria/Korman)
10. Blue Tango (Lipner)  

Arthur Lipner Series CD's

from "Portraits in World Jazz" (1998)

Transfusion (Head Melody) transfusion.mp3
Transfusion (Head Melody out) transfusionout.mp3
Warm (w/Vocals 2nd Time Thru) warm.mp3
Couples Choice (Top of Tune) couples.mp3
Moonlight in Vermont (Top of Tune) moonlight.mp3
Moonlight in Vermont (Head Melody out w/Bass Clarinet) moonlightout.mp3
Vincent vincent.mp3
Vincent (Groove out) vincentout.mp3
Fortune Teller (Duo w/Glen Velez) teller.mp3
Fortune Teller (Trading on Coda out) tellercoda.mp3
Cool Desert Rondo (Trading on Coda out) desertrondo.mp3

from "The Magic Continues" (1994)

Lime Juice (Head Melody) limejuice.mp3
Lime Juice (Unison Line to Marimba Solo) limejuiceline.mp3
Space Dancer (Head Melody) spacedancer.mp3
Hymn for GP (Melody to Sax Head) hymngp.mp3
Hymn for GP (Coda w/Mintzer Jam) hymngpcoda.mp3
Mango Man (Pan Head to Vibe Head to Guitar Coda) mangoman.mp3
Snakey (Head 2nd Time) snakey.mp3
Cabana En El Sol (Intro Top of Tune) cabana.mp3

from "In Any Language" (1990)

Some Uptown Hip-Hop (Head Melody at Top) hiphop.mp3
Some Uptown Hip-Hop (Head Melody to Sax Solo) hiphop2.mp3
In Any Language (Melody to Guitar Solo at End) language.mp3
City Soca (Top of Tune) citysoca.mp3
City Soca (Vocals w/Backups) citysocav.mp3
Pramantha pramantha.mp3
Free Ride (Vibes w/ Drums) freeride.mp3
Free Ride (Head Melody Out) freerideout.mp3

MalletWorks Series CD's

from "Vibes Works" (1999)

Soho soho.mp3
A January Snowfall jansnow.mp3
My Little Suede Shoes suedeshoes.mp3
Moonlight in Vermont vermont.mp3
Caribe Vibe caribe.mp3

from "Mallet Works" (1998)

Crystal Mallet crystal.mp3
Pramantha (Head Melody) mwpramantha.mp3
Pramantha (Head Melody out) mwpramanthaout.mp3
Some Uptown Hip-Hop (Percussion Ensemble Arr.) pehiphop.mp3
Some Uptown Hip-Hop (Var. 2, Percussion Ensemble Arr.) pehiphop2.mp3
Kaleidoscope kaleidoscope.mp3
La Danza (Drumline Arr.) drumdanza.mp3
Lime Juice (Drumline Arr.) drumlime.mp3
Cabana En El Sol (Big Band Arr.) bigcabana.mp3
24 Jam (Big Band) big24jam.mp3
St. Thomas (Big Band) bigthomas.mp3

From Styles & Smiles (2004)
composed by Michael Aukofer and Arthur Lipner

Mo' Bossa (battery)
Mo' Bossa (ens)
Mambowambo (battery)
Mambowambo (ens)
Soca 1625
Granola Folk
Funky Soul